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10 Steps towards better Project Management

Project management receives great prominence in today’s business, methodologies and techniques are far more commonplace and at face values businesses appear much better equipped to deal with such initiatives. There is much more technology and software available to assist, training is more widely available and skilled project practitioners more plentiful.. Yet despite these advances, there … Continue reading

9 Great Online resources for Prince 2 Project Management

Prince 2 is arguably one of the most well known Project Management methodologies around – and is fast becoming a must have in terms of both experience and professional certification for those looking for a career in Project Management. Prince 2 embodies years of best practice and provides users with a framework and approach for … Continue reading

5 Essentials for Project Managers

OK so you’ve been asked to run this fantastic project at work – you’ve been given a budget and group of colleagues that will help you. But this is your first project and unsurprisingly you’re a little daunted. Well don’t worry – running a project can be a pretty terrifying experience first time round what … Continue reading