How to Scope a Project

This is for those who experience finished budgets before the project delivery.

This happens when you fall from one situation into the other. Especially with maintenance. You start with a simple remodeling and you see more and more things to improve and change.

Making a planning is a first step in protecting your budget. But a plan requires a scope. The scope tells you what is “in” and what out of scope.

The planning is a summery of activities. The scope requires a study of CONTENT: what and how are we going to do? This is especially needed when activities are inter-woven or linked.

How do you do this if you have not even started the project? Project scoping is part of a preliminary phase in which the manager makes an inventory of what needs to be done. It is also a study of the complexity in which possible risks are uncovered.

A few steps are needed to do this:

take a piece of paper or a blackboard.
invite a few people Or talk with people on an individual basis
write down al activities that you can think of
add time, costs and duration to each of the activities
isolate those activities that seem prone to more risks

the longer you do this the more detail you come up with, but if you continue you will execute the project in an operational environment. The idea is to do this upfront.

Scoping is than about finding the best fit between what is possible and what is wanted. Wanted are often the more simple features that can be done (delivered) after initial investment in more risky parts of the project.

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