Testing Your Marketing Plan

By Ian RoeBuck

Your market techniques can be improved with a little work. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

In order for you to have a business you must have customers, and in order to have customers you must market. Marketing effectively means more customers. The best way to have no customers is not to market.

To market effectively, keep your message consistent. While being consistent bear in mind your target audience.

A consistent message repeated on line and off is important. The message you give may be the only one the customer ever gets to hear about your business, so you want to make it count. This is why test marketing the message is so important.there is no one universal message that will sell your product to others. Not only that, but what message works now may not work later, what works for one audience doesn’t for another. Testing and continuing to test is all important. The only mistake that can really be made in testing is not to test at all.

Don’t become a victim of testeritis. Don’t try to over analysis your results. Any message is better than no message.

Use more than on message and means of delivery. Writing out your marketing plan, what you intend to do, and how you intend to do it is a helpful tool for getting into the action frame of mind.Keep a record of your messages, means of delivery and how well they worked. Write out some goals and ways you can measure their success.

Ideas by themselves do not market a program or product. Your marketing goals and plan will help you to take action and know when you succeed and when you fail and why, so that you can increase your success and eliminate your failures.

Again, as I stated the old adage “Learn from your mistakes.”

So you make errors in marketing, you can correct them, test your market, your message, your delivery, and you will surely improve.

Copyright 2007 by Ian RoeBuck Permission is granted to reprint this article provided there is no change to the content and the authors box at the bottom is included with the article.

Ian RoeBuck is a multiple streams of income marketer and consultant whose business includes the following sites, http://www.iansbreakthroughbiz.com and http://businesssolutions.thebreakthroughsite.com

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