6 Reasons to fire your boss!

Enjoying your job can be a real struggle for many but having a bad boss can make the situation 100 times worse. Perhaps unsurprisingly research shows that a bad boss can have a huge impact on the workforce. Research by Florida State University describes a number of ways in which employees become disaffected with their manager. Issues range from failing to receive credit for their work through to being the target of negative comments with colleagues. Further research from Wayne State University in 2004 shows that this could be the tip of the iceberg with their study showing that 1 in 14 people had experienced aggression at the hands of their boss. The result of this? Employees can suffer from exhaustion, job tension, and even depression.

For many the answer is to vote with your feet and change jobs – while this may not be easy (or possible) it remains the most powerful option – alternatively make sure that you raise the problems with your HR department and even consider talking to your boss to discuss the problems – they might even listen!.

But what are the signs of a bad boss? – We’ve pulled together what we consider to be the 6 worst traits these are the ones that de-motivate, demoralize and encourage us to look elsewhere – here are our top 6 reasons to fire your boss!

1/ They rule by fear – OK this is rule one – if your boss shows any aggression or makes any threats – record evidence if possible – be sure to tell your HR dept and get out fast – they don’t deserve you.

2/ They don’t recognize your hard work and effort – you work late maybee even at weekends just to secure that big deal for your firm– when it comes off your boss doesn’t thank you – worse still they claim the credit – OK – dump ‘em – time to go!

3/ They target you with office politics – while we may all fall foul of the office gossip at some point in our careers – if it emanates from your boss then there’s trouble ahead! Even worse if your boss uses favoritism with your peers then you’ll struggle.

4/ They never take the blame – let’s face it there are times when things don’t go well at work – problems happen and the team need to get together as a unit to resolve them taking responsibility for mistakes – what you don’t need is your boss running a mile and blaming everyone but themselves.

5/ They fail to keep promises – “Of course you’ll get a raise” – “the promotion is as good as yours” –we’ve all heard these – make sure if your boss makes a promise he/she keeps them. If it’s important get it in writing!

6/ They don’t mentor – They are a boss for a reason – and one of those reasons is to get the best out of you – effective communication between you and your boss is key if it’s going to be a successful professional relationship. What’s their plan for success and how do they communicate it to you – make sure you know what the companies goals and what you need to do to help acheive them.

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